Project Description

example of the walking through the rising book


This book was written to commemorate the centenary of the Easter Rising that occurred in Dublin in 1916. While the Rising took place throughout Ireland, this book concentrated on the events that happened in a small part of the north inner city – from Bolton Street Tech to the Four Courts.

The Design

The authors structured their manuscript as a guide to a walking tour of the northside of inner city Dublin.

The book, and accompanying map, would talk you through the story as it guided you through the city. To make this easier, we designed the A5 book with a cover that featured French flaps. You accessed the map by folding out the front cover.

Each of the fourteen points of interest marked on the map had its own colour coded chapter in the text. When you arrived at a given point, you could open that chapter to find out what had happened in that place 100 years before. The book also contained photographs of the people involved in the stories and contemporary images of the buildings and streetscapes of Dublin 1916.

example of the walking through the rising book
a map from walking through the rising