Later today, the Irish Government will publish its Climate Action Bill when it will vow to achieve certain emissions reductions, in a series of five-year plans, that will take us up to 2050.

a plastic water bottle laying on a beach

No doubt it will have all sorts of plans and targets for the agriculture and transport sectors. But what it won’t have is a strategy that you and I as individuals can act on to make a difference in our neighbourhood and in our families.

So, let me offer a simple strategy that is easy to follow and that will make a difference over time. Wherever possible, stop using single-use plastics. Now don’t think you have to cut them all out from day one. Just find one or two and start there. It will make a difference.

Take a close look at the bits and pieces you use at home and in your office and identify any that have a plastic component to them. Then ask yourself: is there an alternative product I could use that has less plastic, or is plastic-free?

I have started this blog and website to improve awareness of the alternatives that are already out there when it comes to packaging and office products. Things we use everyday such as Jiffy-bags, Sellotape, and plastic pens – are there non-plastic alternatives that are easy to get?

We are starting small with our website and store with just a handful of products in-stock but we plan to build up our collection of all-paper alternatives so you will have more choices.

On you own, you may not be able to dramatically reduce the country’s carbon footprint, but you can make a series of small changes that will make a difference.

So, let’s get started…

Introducing the all-paper version of the padded envelope, the one that normally comes with a paper exterior and a whole lot of plastic bubbles inside (the one who’s brand name we are not allowed to mention – but it begins with a J). This clever innovation uses rippled, or corrugated sheets of paper instead of plastic bubbles to give the cushioning effect. And it passes our test for getting on the website. It is sustainable, recyclable and a big improvement on the more common, single-use plastic design.

The white version comes in small, medium, and large and you can also find a selection of coloured versions.

an mobile phone packaged in an eco-friendly padded envelope

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