Make It Easier to Recycle

In the printing business we use a lot of cardboard boxes. Once we have printed and bound those new brochures for a client, they are packed in boxes that will protect the shipment until it arrives at the client’s office or warehouse.

a green reusable shopping bag surrounded by autumn leaves

Sometimes our clients will reuse the boxes but mainly they go for recycling. But before they are ready to be recycled, you must ensure there is no plastic inside or stuck to the box. What about the Sellotape used to seal the top and bottom of the box? What about the ‘Documents Enclosed’ envelope stuck to the outside?

The good news is that all-paper versions of both the tape and the envelopes are readily available and if you use them, you are cutting down on single-use plastics and you are making the boxes more easily recyclable.

The tapes we use are made from kraft paper rather than plastic and are just as effective sealing your boxes as the more common product.

And, believe it or not, you can now get an all-paper version of the Documents Enclosed envelope, sometimes called a packing list wallet. Instead of clear plastic, it uses what we used to call tracing paper on the outside so you can read the packing list without opening the wallet.

a 50 meter roll of eco-friendly kraft packaging tape
a letter inside an eco friendly see through envelope

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